Owner - Destination Live Healthy, LLC

Hi, my name is Nancy Hansen, the owner of Destination Live Healthy. I began my BEMER experience by casually trying it for the first time and becoming obsessed and addicted to its use. The Rep asked if I had any part of my body that may need any kind of relief. I said I suffered from a chronic neck problem that I had become used to living with. Without any expectations, I used the B-Body and B-Pad on my neck for eight minutes. Miraculously the problem I had experienced for years was instantly resolved. A few days later I noticed the lack of flexibility I had from a prior surgery in my knee and shoulder and this too appeared to have been completely resolved. Needless to say, I bought a BEMER that day and now I can’t live without its daily use. I play golf, tennis and do numerous other workouts and feel tremendous recovery by BEMER with regular use. I’m sold and want to share this news with everyone. Our goal at Destination Live Healthy is exactly what the name implies. We want to help you get on the path to finding your healthy life. Planning for your desired healthy destination will help you get on the path to creating that healthy life you have always dreamed about. Just like in my case, I had given up on living pain-free. But when I discovered the BEMER my life changed and so did my destination in life. I wanted to be active, enjoy time with family and go places and do things. With the BEMER, all of those things are a reality because I feel better!